Almost Two Years

1462999_10202594632647755_1159354022_nSomehow it has been almost two years since we had to say goodbye to Megan. For those who have had grief come closest to them, this will come as no surprise- it still feels like yesterday. There are many sayings about loss and grief- that it comes in waves, that it is a passage, but there are no words for when you have to say goodbye to the sun in your life.

Yet, we learn to keep going.Those of us who knew Megan best know the best way to get through the hard times is to keep laughing and to keep loving. Megan did those two things the best!

This year, leading up to December 13th, we ask two things of you. Share a favorite memory or photo of Megan on the Miracle for Megan facebook page. One of Megan’s favorite things to do (other than making more memories to laugh about) was to laugh about the silly things we have done together.

The second thing we want you to do for December 13th is to do a Random Act of Kindness. You don’t have to share what you did (although you certainly can). Megan was always doing something for someone who needed it, whether it was for her students, a friend, a family member, or even a stranger. She knew how to love. Spread some kindness for Megan.



Celebrating Megan

271_18942712758_8741_nAs we come nearer to the anniversary of when we said goodbye to our beloved Megan, and we remember those last few weeks we had with her, the last conversations, the last hugs, the last laughs and smiles, we encourage you to do so in celebration.

This year has been a hard year to get through- almost an entire year and a bunch of firsts without Megan. Yet those of us closest to Megan have tried our hardest to do as we know she would want us to do- and that is to live as she lived, love as she loved, and dance as she danced.

Wherever you are when you are thinking of Megan, instead of dwelling in the sad moments, celebrate her and honor her for the gifts she brought into your life. Think not of what was taken away, but of what was given instead. Take those gifts and instead of keeping them just for yourself, share them with others as Megan always did for us. Love, laugh, smile, hug, and give.

This quote was said at another beautiful woman’s service this year and it fits Megan too: “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, while you live and the manner in which you live,” Stuart Scott.

Megan lived well and loved with all her heart and never let cancer or any other bad day keep her from laughing. And that is how we ultimately beat cancer- by honoring and cherishing the way she lived. Megan is so celebrated and so loved. Thank you, Megan, for the gifts and lessons you taught us.

Below is a video with a special gift tucked inside. The photos are ones we have all seen before, Megan’s beautiful smiling face. One thing so many of us have missed the most is Megan’s voice. I received a gift from Shay at the Hastings Tribune a couple months ago. She had saved her recordings from her interview with Megan and sent them to me. In the video below are a few excerpts from that interview. Be sure to have the sound up!

Thank you all for your love, prayers, support and for being a gift to Megan through all these years. You were the reason she was able to get through that tough journey with so much grace. She was so thankful for all of you. Celebrate her this next month- and for the years to come. She is always with us- smiling and laughing and loving us.


Tomorrow is Friday, June 13, 2014. It will be six months since we said goodbye to our beloved Megan. That day still feels like yesterday and that pit in the bottom of my stomach still hasn’t gone away. These past six months have been some of the hardest we have had to endure.

Yet, her light has continued to shine through in everything she did and everything she taught us.

Tomorrow, I encourage you to take a moment to remember her in whatever way feels right to you- light a candle, say a prayer, spend some time talking with her, go see her new headstone that should be installed this weekend (her brother Jason did a beautiful job!!!!), get one of her favorite girly coffees (or if you are more into adult beverages- get something for happy hour!). Take a little time to process these giant emotions.

10462901_10203028062794853_7433817209227360179_nUs ladies who went to the cabin with Megan have a little phrase for when our emotions are getting the better of us- because it always seems to hit us at the least convenient time- like in the chip aisle of the grocery store! So go hang out in the chip aisle for a little bit- it is okay- because you are not alone!!! We will meet you in the chip aisle for a hug.

But here’s the thing- Megan would not have wanted us to stay in the chip aisle forever. While she had her moments (I promise she did- she just didn’t let very many people see them!), she also wasn’t one to dwell on it. She cried her cry, wiped her tears, and then went out to do her work.

So here’s what I ask of you- tomorrow, after you have taken a moment of quiet with Megan, go out and DO something for HER. Do something she would have done for someone else. Megan had this incredible way of leaving the world a better place each and every day- way before she found out she had cancer. So go read a kiddo a story, give someone a hug, listen to someone who needs it, smile at someone who looks like they need a smile, or go bigger- give a little help to someone who needs it (like our friend, Quincy, who is kicking cancer’s ass). The possibilities are endless. Do something because at some point in your life, Megan did something that made a difference to you. Now it is your turn.

Her light shines on- in her little man, Liam, in her family, and in each of you.


Our friend, Quincy

543788_10201443750196223_1265269564_nSome of you may know Megan’s friend, Quincy. If you attended Megan’s service, Quincy was one of Megan’s casket bearers. Quincy has been Megan’s friend since elementary school (and even before I knew Megan!) and we all grew up together in the same neighborhood.

This past December, Quincy was diagnosed with cancer. These last five months have been filled with surgery and chemotherapy. Now, Quincy’s doctor is recommending a trip to Indianapolis to see one of the best doctors for his type of cancer.

Quincy and his family are not the type of people to ask for help, but so many of us know how expensive fighting cancer can be, so we are doing the asking for them. 🙂 We’d like to raise enough funds for them to be able to make the trip to Indianapolis so the only thing they have to worry about is getting rid of cancer once and for all.

Depending on what this doctor says, they may be making a couple trips out to Indianapolis, so we would love to raise enough for two trips. 🙂

If you would like to help Quincy out, we have set up an account:
Please make checks out to:
Quincy Hubbard
(please reference account 3474 on the memo line)

Checks can be mailed to (or if you live in Lincoln, dropped off at):
Great Western Bank
1235 N Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

You can also paypal a donation to if you’d like to send it that way.

Thank you so much for all of the support you have given to Megan- and for the support you are giving to Quincy.


Relay for Life

970759_10200441211445536_744825805_nThere are two Relay for Life events coming up in celebration and memory of our beloved Megan.

The Relay for Life in Adams County is Friday, May 30th. The Princesses of Power is the team walking in memory of Megan.

The Relay for Life in York is Saturday, June 7th. Megan’s Angels is the team walking in memory of Megan.

You can check out who is on each team, donate to a specific member of a team, donate to a team, join a team (or both!), or dedicate a luminary in memory of Megan or in memory or honor of someone else who has fought cancer.

Both teams have a goal of $1000 and I know they would love to reach those goals, but in the end, I know that this year is all about celebrating our beloved Megan and those other loved ones who have had to deal with cancer. We are all a team and would love to have anyone who feels called to join us during either of these events.

The Princess and Her Gift (Megan’s Story)

If you were able to attend Megan’s service or viewing, you may have seen the book that I wrote for Liam. I had originally started working on it when Megan found out the cancer had returned. I wanted to capture Megan’s story and her way of being, loving, and teaching in a way that a child (and us adults) could understand and love. Most of all, I wanted to capture how much she loved being a mother, and that she was so happy to be with Liam. They made the best team, and she didn’t let something like cancer keep her from enjoying being a mother.

Megan never knew I was working on the book. I didn’t finish it until the day before I left for Nebraska in December (two months ago today, actually). I’m sure she would call me a brat for keeping it a secret. 🙂 I’m also sure she would love it, even if the illustrations are stick figures.

Megan’s Story is now available for purchase at CreateSpace here:

It is also available on Amazon:

It is available as a paperback version in order to keep costs down. Because Megan’s story lives on through Liam, all proceeds will go towards a college fund for him. (More of the book’s cost goes towards Liam’s college fund if you order through CreateSpace than any other way.)

Don’t forget that the Hats and Moore fundraiser is going on until February 28th. Check out more information here:

The past couple months have not been the easiest- Megan was such a big source of light and life, but her light continues to shine through many of the things she taught and showed us…and especially through her little miracle man. We are so thankful for everyone’s love, support, thoughts, prayers and everything you have shown and shared with us during this time. – Love, Erin

Hats and “Moore” Fundraiser

Liam fundraiser

A fundraiser for Liam is being held now through February 28th. Hats and “Moore” has hats, scarves, ear warmers and beanies available for purchase. 50% of all sales will go to Megan’s little miracle man. 🙂

You can order through the Facebook page here:


Prices and items available are shown in the album here: